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Creating a life of Purpose


Embark on a journey to Fulfillment

One-on-one sessions empowering you to reconnect with your authentic self and trust your own wisdom to create a life of purpose.

Holistic personal coaching
to embody your Transformation

Meditation ~ Mindfulness ~ Mindset 

"Brandon is an empathic, warm, knowledgeable, and insightful person; everything you would want as a meditation and mindfulness coach.  His approach is not only personalized, but deeply thought through and intentional, with actionable follow-ups and consistent touchpoints after every session. Working with Brandon over the past year has not only been a source of relief and healing, but has played an important part in my overall self-development journey. If you're looking for a coach who can help you to uncover your purpose and find fulfillment, you'll thank yourself for reaching out to Brandon". 
~ Jared Fink ~

Why would you want to be in a FlowState?

- "I'm listening to everyone but myself"
- "My day-day lacks a sense of purpose"
- "I'm tired of doing the same things over and over again"
- "I'm too overwhelmed to take the next step"

- "I find myself coping in unhealthy ways"
- "I'm stuck in fear"
- "I feel lost and have no direction"
- "My anxiety is preventing me from living to the fullest"


Many of us have been brought up branded with the longing to attain material success. We dream about creating the prosperous business or walking the ideal career path, and the social status that comes with it. We seem to have a clear idea of what it will be like once we get there, thinking ---- "I'll be so happy when I "make it". But in most cases, the attainment of these outcomes doesn't automatically grant us the fulfillment that we truly desire.

If you continue the arduous search for more purpose through the right person, job, or circumstances, you won't find anything.....but yourself.

I've been there, and I can tell you, you're in the right place.

Luckily, the answers you've been looking for are within you.
There is a safe way inside. 
Follow me.

"All of us at Soul Seed friends, family, customers and tribe are blessed to have had Brandon guide us in meditation. We'd like to take a moment to extend our gratitude which go beyond words. Brandon is divinely in tune with his gifts. Mindfully present, is grounded in love and extremely knowledgeable. He taught us some useful and practical mindfulness techniques that since, we have been integrating into our everyday lives. He's a kind, gentle, and compassionate person, and I highly recommend his practice."

~ Angelica Haviland from Soul Seed in Philadelphia, PA ~


  "Brandon has been an excellent coach for me. FlowState Coaching has transformed my daily meditation practice. In our sessions, we explored strategies to improve spirituality, mindfulness, and manifestation. Over the past year, I have gotten closer to my goal of attaining inner peace. I can’t recommend him enough!"


"Brandon has helped me step fully out of my comfort zone and into my power. I am in a flowstate as I now live from my heart center."  
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