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Shining a Light on your Authentic Self

Are you ready to honor your highest path?

Change Your State,

Change Your Story,

Transform Your Life.

The Experience

FlowState Coaching is a transformational, personalized coaching program for you to embrace your deepest dreams and desires. We'll go on an inward journey together to rediscover the most purposeful path forward for you to bring true fulfillment into your life.

A meditative and mindful essence is infused into the space to ground and center you in the present moment. Together, we cultivate a collective state of flow, expanding your self-awareness, while elevating your energy. It is in this higher state of being where you will attune to your abundant nature and realize what's possible for you.  

Feeling more connected to your intuition and personal power, we confidently identify the optimal action you'll want to take to manifest everything that is meaningful to you. Ready to reignite the fire in your life, you'll trust your own wisdom to author your most empowered story. 

In a FlowState, your mind, body, and spirit are aligned in harmony with your highest path. 


See© Your Light


Intentionally living. 
Grounded in self-love.

Emotionally regulated, mentally balanced. 

Reconnected to an elevated 
state of mind and body. 


Expanded consciousness.
Intuitively led.

Embodied in Truth.

See's new possibilities and is conscious of full potential.


Developed self-trust. 
Aligned with purpose.

Inspired to fulfill deepest desires and pursue dreams.

Grow Your Vision

An integrated, holistic approach 

Meditation & Mindfulness 

A wide range of meditation practices and mindfulness tools to slow down and drop into presence.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Consciously transmuting limited  conditioning to empowered behavior at an unconscious level.

Leadership Coaching 

Bold perspectives combined with powerful listening to uplift the leader within.

Bringing calm to coaching

Meditation is a core element of the journey to fulfillment and ulitmate wholeness. You will cocreate your own meditation practice or deepen your existing one to support your newfound intentions for being.

What everyone loves about FlowState

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Kelvin Wang

"Brandon is a gifted coach and has been very effective for me in his meditation teachings. I am able to feel more present and heart-centered after each of his sessions.”
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