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My Story

Empowerment Coach. Meditation Guide. Mindfulness Facilitator.

About five years ago I was introduced to yoga and meditation by a dear friend - my life changed forever. It wasn't long after until I realized my primary purpose in this life was to embody self-awareness; second to help others raise their own awareness so they could be aligned to their purpose too and live to the fullest. This was how I wanted to serve others. Before anything else, I knew my mindfulness practice came first and I was eager to "walk the path". Every day I sat to meditate with the desire to expand my consciousness. I yearned to become more self-realized. I knew that if I showed up for myself in this way, one day I could be an example for others to do the same. Over time, I conjured up the trust to listen to my voice inside and follow my truth courageously. 

By letting my heart be the leader of my life, I was taken on a wild ride through many challenges, transitions, and tribulations that shaped me into who I am today. There were several points along the journey where I really struggled. I was in a job that felt empty and sucked the absolute life out of me. I spent each week on autopilot. On the weekends, I was caught in the storm of society's dysfunctional, unsustainable social scene. Not knowing at the time, I was trying to escape the unfulfilled life I was living during the week. However, in the eyes of everyone else, I was "living the dream". I was surrounded by such good friends, had the ideal corporate job, traveled every few months, was in a fun-loving relationship, came from a great family - but inside I felt lost and stuck. I wasn't fulfilled living the life everyone else was living. I was tired of listening to and following "the way" to be. Something had to change.

I came to realize how focused I was on everything and everybody, but myself. It was finally time to turn inward. I knew I needed to start listening to what my body was trying to tell me. Ironically, I was doing this everyday through my meditation practice, but apparently not enough with my eyes open. It was a revelation at the time to come to terms with this and I thank my consistent practice of self-awareness for detecting this imbalance. So, I began to integrate traditional meditation off the cushion into my everyday life. A walking meditation - a conscious intent to be more mindful. Here I discovered that meditation and mindfulness was a way of being in each waking moment, not just sitting in silence for 30 minutes a day in a dark room with my eyes closed.

I intentionally started to invest time and energy into myself. I invested my energy into people, places, and things that uplifted my spirit and brought me closer to my authentic self. I made a commitment to lean into my well-being. I went on several solo expeditions around the country, spent two years embracing my thoughts and feelings in therapy, filled many journals with my stream of consciousness, dared to shift my career focus, removed myself from relationships not serving me, and only spent time doing things that supported the best version of me. I stopped listening to everyone else, released my tendency to counsel with others, and ended my impulse to compare my path to anyone else's.

My mindfulness practice grounded me, centered me, and steered me in the direction of where my heart wanted to go. I found that when I followed my intuition, I became empowered to look within for my own insights to make conscious choices. My own wisdom was found through having faith in my inner voice. It guided me inside and I gave myself permission to follow it. My life became more intentional. I started to trust my innate desires. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other, I walked my path of purpose. Everything fell into place because I believed in myself. And when you do, the universe believes in you and shows you the way forward. I realized that everything in the physical world was here to mirror back, teach, and advise me how to live a full life. Everything I went through and overcame was truly for a reason; it became my superpower to live heart-forward, one breath at a time.



I navigated several career transitions in the corporate world to eventually land in purpose, well-being, and mindfulness in the workplace. I followed my passion to become a real estate investor, as I spent years educating and networking before closing on my first property. Eventually, I took purposeful steps towards my dream of becoming a professional coach by getting involved in mentorship and practicing coaching friends & family. From volunteering at mentorships organizations, to just telling people I'm here to hold space for them, I developed the skills to call myself "a coach". One day, I was unexpectedly called by the divine to deepen my meditation practice by integrating it with coaching - "meditation coach" intuitively came into my consciousness. It was the gift from the universe I was waiting for, and I never looked back since I received it.

Today, I joyfully serve humanity as a certified personal coach by means of meditation, mindfulness, and mindset. I've started several meditation circles and taught classes in a variety of different atmospheres. Additionally, I've led a number of meditation and mindfulness workshops in a corporate setting. I even moved out West to Northern Arizona to fully step into my power and expand my horizons. 

If there was one thing I always wanted, it was to be fulfilled. I chased after a life of meaning and never settled for anything less. Over the course of my journey, I built an intimate relationship with myself, one founded on a code of acceptance, compassion, and love for my future self in the present moment. I found wholeness through self-love, by nurturing all parts of me with the utmost self-care. I'm here to inspire and spread love!

~ Brandon ~

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