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The Power of Intention

Today, we live in a fast-paced world. A lot is going on. There is enough on our plates each day. We are juggling our day jobs, a business, taking care of our family, managing our relationships, involved in our hobbies, etc. With our immersion in the day-to-day, it is easy to lose sight of our sense our purpose in it. We are constantly go-go-go and keeping ourselves busy, but do we ever give ourselves the grace to take a step back and think about why we are doing what we do? Have we asked what is really driving us? Are you feeling fulfilled in all of this? What does success look and feel like? We need to know what our intention is. An intention identifies the state of being you want to cultivate, experience, and attain through your actions. Said another way, an intention is a guiding principle for how you want to live and show up in the world. It governs our thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, and actions. When you are living intentionally, you are living on purpose. Everything you do is for a reason. You can think of an intention like a point on a compass, as you consciously move in the direction of the goals you’ve set out to achieve. It’s your present moment North Star. Any clear intention will hold you accountable to your future self and will guide you in accordance with this vision. Everything in life is created first by thinking it. Whether that be a state of happiness, your dream business, or raising a family someday, the desire to create starts from your openness to believe it’s possible. Reasonably speaking, our thoughts are constantly manifesting into physical form. That is to say, we become the thoughts we consistently think. See for yourself. Rewind your own tape and evaluate where you are in this present moment based on your thought patterns and belief system up to this point. Is there alignment between your typical thoughts and where you are in life? Is there a parallel between how you feel and how you spend your time and with whom? We are conscious creators of our own reality. We are divinely designed to create. If we acknowledge and honor this power within, we’ll value the true significance of living more intentionally. When you intend to carry out anything of importance to you, backed with enough purpose, you imbue a potent quality of energy that is meaningful. You can feel your own wave stirring up and the power behind it. That power lies in you. With strong enough faith in having a clear “why”, we can put ourselves in a place to receive what we want. We open the channel within to receive our gifts from the universe that are within us. In order to know and really see it, we need to tap into our purpose for being. When I look back on how I came to closer to my sense of purpose, I go back to one of the first intentions I consciously set– “To be of service to others”. I knew my ultimate goal was to become a coach, but I didn’t know how I’d possibly get there. What I did know was that I loved connecting deeply with others and building meaningful relationships. This felt purposeful to me. I asked myself – Well how can I take a step onto the path of becoming one? Through an intention. That intention brought me to get involved in mentorship programs, then taking on my own mentees, and then one day “Meditation Coach” popped into my head. My intention came to fruition within a year and transformed into a new one; “To invest my time and energy into my higher self’. That intention set everything in action. I started holding intentional space to guide meditation. I began working with others in a meditative coaching capacity, as I integrated what I cultivated from my own path of self-realization into being of service. Meditation coaching felt genuine to me because of my passion for both meditation and coaching. Given my years of experience building my own personal practice, I knew coaching from it made sense. A few years later I look back on the initial intention I set out…. “to be of service”, and the “how” magically blossomed into something clear, true to me, and achievable. Over the last year, I set clear goals to embody my position as “coach”. And here I am today. When there is a clear intention set from your heart, what to do next will follow. Sometimes we don’t know how get started, and this is why intention is important. Because the intention lights your fire to start searching for the “how to”. How to take the first step. How you can learn. How to be. The answers will start popping up in front of you because of your shift in focus towards what feels closer to you. With a newfound openness and an authentic alignment to yourself, people will start showing up in your life unexpectedly that are willing to lead the way. A mentor, a coach, someone who’s in the position you aspire to be in. You start connecting with a few people who are on a similar path, and then one day you turn around and you are involved in a community. Then you realize the dream is possible. You have a blueprint from all of these people you’ve attracted into your life. You start to cultivate the energy behind what it feels like too because you’ve spent enough time with these people to absorb their success. Day by day, you become more aware of the path ahead and clearer on how to chart your own. Now, take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out…... Ask yourself - What do I know I want? Your body has been telling you. You feel it every time you tell someone. You see it in different shapes and sizes wherever you go. Give your mind permission to take a backseat on this one and listen from your heart. Once you got it, let it sink in. Feel what it would feel like to attain or achieve this. Envision what it would it be like to be there. Imagine how you’d be showing up for yourself and making an impact while doing so. Who would you be working with? Embody your intention, be present with it. Affirm your belief in it every day. Watch it unfold in front of your eyes.

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