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Getting Unstuck – Waking up from your dream

Do you feel stuck? If you do, you may have recently looked at yourself in the mirror and saw something that doesn’t look and feel right. Maybe you’re in a career that doesn’t seem aligned to your true sense of purpose, but up this point you haven’t done anything about it because you fear change, failure, and the unknown. At the same time, you find yourself surrounded by people who drain your energy and aren’t supportive of where you could go in life if you leaned into your dreams. Perhaps, you are in a romantic relationship that is holding you back from your personal power, however, it would be too turbulent emotionally to cut ties. You have lost your sense of identity and willpower out of fear. It's a feeling of being paralyzed. Perhaps, you have been ignoring yourself – incapable of listening to your own wisdom. Instead, you have been listening to and following everyone else’s. Do you feel stuck in limited beliefs bestowed on you from your parents or old friends? Are you worried about everything outside of your control because society has influenced you to think this way? Are you valuing the importance of social status and job titles more than you should? Do you find yourself comparing your life to those who you come across on social media? If the answer to these questions is Yes, this is very normal. Most are wearing and walking around with an imaginary blindfold every day. This blindfold has separated us from our own intuition and inner guidance. We feel lost inside because we are stuck with someone we haven’t got a chance to know. That inner roommate is you. You have been living in a dream, where your true Self has been sleeping. The day you realize you’ve been living in this reality and see the truth in it, is the day you wake up and become aware of your unconsciousness. Your unconscious becomes conscious. The lights inside finally turn on. With the lights on in your own house, you see all that has been hidden in the dark – old antiques, photobooks, and boxes of memories layered with inches of dust and cobwebs all over them. This darkness is fear. You’ve been suffering because you’ve been ignoring and abandoning your own awareness in fear of it. When you are open to accepting the darkness you’ve been residing in, you are open to letting the light shine in and see all that is within. There is a lot more space than you thought. This space consciously created is a sense of separation between yourself and the ego. The ego has been created and has survived this long because of your denial of it. The space created from it proves that you are not solely ego, as you are much more than your mind. Your true Self is the awareness behind your mind. You can feel a sense of lightness, now knowing the weight the ego has had on you since you’ve been controlled by your own unconscious creation. Growth begins at the place where you can identify what’s been preventing you from our own freedom. When you are aware of the power of your awareness, you may perceive being stuck as an opportunity to hold yourself accountable to a standard of personal integrity. Now you are in control of your own destiny. You are on the path. Awareness is not only your ticket to getting unstuck, but also your ticket to inner peace and freedom - awareness of our body and mind. By being conscious of our thought patterns, conditioning, and belief systems, allowing our thoughts to graze in the mind, instead of suppressing them, we begin to get curious about our inner dialogue. It is imperative to develop a relationship with the mind to understand the nature of it. With closer investigation of the thoughts we have towards ourselves and others, we deepen our knowledge on how we’ve been programmed to think and become more empowered to choose thoughts as they come in. As we raise our awareness of the mind, we have an obligation to proper discernment. We have the capacity to make fair judgment between the frequency and origins of our thoughts. When we become conscious of thoughts, we can more easily determine how much weight to give to them, if we should listen further, and/or if they are worth a second thought(s). Everything starts in the mind. The way you think shapes your perception of reality and the way you experience life. What you experience in the mind will influence your inner life, how you process it in the body. Our bodies are the storage centers of data coming from the mind. The body is a reflection of our own consciousness and stores intelligence from all our past impressions. Everything shows up energetically in the body through emotion. We can relate to our emotions through sensations and feelings in each waking moment. In the unconscious state we may been living previously, we’ve had our backs turned to our emotions through control, resistance, and repression. When we treat our emotions in this way, they become entrapped in the body and unconsciously drive negative, destructive, egoic behaviors. The more we run away from our emotions, the more amplified they’ll become. However, by being aware of our feelings and open to listening to our emotions, we’ll rediscover our deepest intelligence. For example, an emotion such as jealousy, can suggest a deep desire to pursue something you’ve always wanted to, but haven’t out of fear of failure, security, or not being enough. Our emotions intuitively signal a lack of energetic and physiological balance. Awareness of this gives us an opportunity to heal from past unresolved imprints if we decide to embrace these once forgotten parts of ourselves. By becoming present with our emotional response system over time, we give our emotions the grace to come out and be seen as they are. With practice we’ll learn why we are triggered by a particular external environment. We’ll develop the skill of encoding our feelings. We’ll create enough space between our thoughts and emotions to identify the energetic charge behind a repeating behavioral pattern and deepen our understanding of it. From a more conscious state, we can see distressful emotions as they come up and give them permission to pass through. We can intentionally release negative energy through own mindfulness. By honoring this gradual process with continued acceptance and compassion, these emotions loss their weight and lessen over time. This is the process of healing. You are in control of the recovery and restoration of your own energy. When we have courage to face what we’ve ignored and embody personal integrity, we consciously bring our biology back to a state of wholeness and balance. However, in order to develop this level of awareness over our mind and body, we need to put it into daily practice. Our means of transportation to go under the hood and assess the machine behind it all --- meditation. The universal practice of meditation enables us to expand our consciousness, helping us develop and deepen our understanding of being. When we consistently go inside, we open up the channel to pay attention within. As we engage in a practice of self-regulation, by means of breath or open observation, we raise our awareness enough to pay more attention to our unconscious and subconscious conditioning. These parts of the mind are formed from early impressions and experiences during childhood and adolescence. Our predominant behaviors, tendencies, and perceptions are driven by the unconscious and subconscious. The unconscious stores all repressed thoughts and feelings, while the subconscious helps regulate them, neither of which are in the focal point of our typical awareness. Our conscious mind only has so much access to these parts of the mind in each waking moment. However, with continued practice of meditation, we consciously turn our conscious mind inward towards our subconscious and unconscious, shedding light on mental and emotional patterning that is keeping us stuck. Awareness becomes aware of itself! This open up the energetic flow of past wounds and traumas that have been locked away since childhood. By paying more attention to the body, we become more connected our nervous system, which helps us understand our feelings in any given situations. Our energetic reaction informs the lack of harmony in our system, and the need to rebalance. Not only is this imbalance stored in the body, but has been programmed in the mind, from an ego that been formed over time. In meditation, you’ll become more aware of the controlling and limited nature of the ego, and you’ll sense its fear through intense emotions. We’ve built up our ego over time as a protective construct to feel safe from denying what lies deep inside. With deeper awareness and embrace of your truth, you’ll be able to pinpoint it as it comes up and release your toxic association with it. All of this takes practice! As we become more and more aware, we realize that our thoughts, words, and actions create our reality. We are leaders of living intentionally and aligning our energy to well-being. We become a beacon of light for others to see theirs within themselves, showing them they also have access to all their own answers. We hold the keys to our personal paradise. If only we are brave enough to open the locks to see what’s hidden beneath the surface. In the depths of our own existence, will we find our greatest potential to transform and evolve into our most authentic self. Here we’ll finally know what the heart has been calling us towards this entire time. As we fully embrace and love every part of us, what is true will rise to the surface – that we are pure loving consciousness! By living out of love instead of fear, we flow with the natural enfoldment of life, and not against it. In doing this, we deepen our trust in the process and in our own guidance; and nobody else’s. Life will have faith in you. We have the power to heal, create, and master our own life. It’s your choice. Chose yourself.

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